Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Fair

So our County Fair was this past weekend! We enjoy l-o-n-g days and very l-a-t-e nights getting ready for and during the fair's four days.  Hy C (my horse) was amazing! I am so blessed to have her, and enjoy her lots! :)   On Friday we ran in ten gaming events,  such as barrels and pole bending.  We ran ten clean runs and at the end of the day, had seven blues, two reds and one white ribbon.  We even won the Grand Champion belt buckle!!!!!!  :)     

Rosco and Tsavo, Morgan and Kodi, Hy C and I, Hannah and Keela

Daddy did a wonderful job announcing the whole day!

Daddy awarding my Grand Champion Buckle!

I love Morgan and Ess and Rosco's faces!  They are sooo sweet!

Grand and Reserved

Hy C loves seeing what she won!  I think she must really understand:) look how happy she is.

Jeddy was protecting Nathan from the big loud tractors!

Ashlyn entered two projects this year. She got two First place ribbons! 
She is looking forward to being in the horse project next year.

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