Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello!  Wow! THREE months have passed since my last post! Lots have happened in the Richter household. I'll try to catch up quickly... 


The last couple weeks in August were full of fun things!  On the 18th, my family and I headed down to Black River Falls, for the annual 4-H District Horse show.  I took Hy C again this year, and we had a wonderful time.  We ran in seven events. I placed Fourth in L.T. special, Third in Key Race, Reserve Grand in Barrels and Pole Bending, Grand in the Plug Race.  I also received the Sportsmanship award.:)  It is the red blanket Hy C is wearing in the picture!

Then on the 19th, Daddy and I left for Michigan. Dad did a wonderful job driving for about 11 and a half hours that day! I drove for an hour... It was VERY stressful on the freeway! 12 and a half hours later we arrived at our destination! Praise the Lord!  The next morning, we had to get a trailer and a lift, then we were on our way to Illinois to pick up my Aussie puppy!  Our family has always loved Australian Shepherds. I researched them for about two years, before we actually started looking for breeders. After a long search, we found the Cunningham's site.   They were wonderful to work with. After many weeks and much waiting and lots prayers and more prayer... I was holding my 4# 14oz puppy!
I named him Royal Blue Ace.  (Dad wanted the Ace)... Around the house he is often called  Royal, Roy, Sweet baby Roy, yoy-y'll (Jeddy says this, it's his version of Royal), Royal blue, Blue,

 This is how he rode home! Pretty much all the way!  

He drove with Dad too!

His first moments home

Meeting his new friend:) 
At first Star just ignored him, and then she only played with him in the morning and evening, now they like each other!

Royal wasn't to sure about the water in Lake Superior.

8 weeks

11 weeks

12 1/2 weeks
I just love this picture!

15 weeks
My little Husky!

He was shedding off his puppy hair in this one!

He is now just over 5 months! We have completed Puppy Kindergarten, and Senior Puppy classes. We are now doing herding lessons near our house. He loves it!  In January we'll, Lord willing, be starting our agility training! Royal is such a fast learner! He is soooo much fun! His new favorite thing to do is "wave" at you! :)  The most recent picture of him is our Christmas picture...


In October, we celebreated Mommy's birthday!  We went out to eat, and  puppy class:) and at home we had cupcakes!
We are so blessed to have mom!

"Happy Birthday Mom"

We also had our Fall Party. Even though it was a small group, we had a great time and sweet fellowship.
(sorry we didn't get many pictures)

The hay rides:)


Now, in November, we started the process of an Old Heritage building... yep!
We started by cutting down 15 pine trees that were in our back yard.



Isaac and Kynna on top of the pine boughs pile! It smelled really good too:)

The next step... Excavating. The boys really liked the big equipment.

November also brings around another hunting year...

Dad took Isaac out one morning too!

Even though I didn't get a deer, I had a lot of fun with everyone.
Maybe next year...

We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving with a small group of the Richter's.
On the following Sunday after noon, we had a fun time with Mom's side too...
(Everyone was having too much fun to get many pictures sorry)