Monday, April 30, 2012

Turkey Hunting

This morning at 4:30am Dad left to go turkey hunting with Uncle Duane. They called in this "tom" from about 400 yards. It took close to half an hour. Dad shot his turkey at 45 yards!
This turkey is a three or four-year-old tom, it had two  beards, one was  5 and 1/2in, and the other was 10 and 1/2in. Its spurs were 1 and 1/8in.    

It was nice to wake up and see everyone was outside in their jammies and rubber boots!
Jeddy had a hat on the was too big for him, SO cute!  He called the turkey a "dobble- dobble"
and "Daddy shoot dat!"

Monday, April 2, 2012

2 out of 300!

 (If you double click on the first photo you can see the pictures better)
Yesterday, after Church, Auntie Dawn came over... (well that always means fun). So I got out the camera and Auntie Dawn took 300 pictures of us kids outside. We had been outside for about seven hours already that day and were quite dirty! It was so much watching Auntie Dawn taking the pictures, that we were most times laughing at her!  With five kids and a dog... we only got two really nice ones. The others are just for laughs. Jedidiah was in his own little world the whole time! Enjoy!:)

We are a little blurry... but look at Jeddy!:) That's his "tubby tubby" face

These pictures are taken while Jeddy was telling us a big long story. Love the expressions

 Jeddy was slapping Isaacs' cheeks!

 He was completely done...

Pictures of Nathan

Here are few pictures of the newest addition to the family.
Brianna and Nathan
Derek and Nathan

Nathan and I
Nathan and Ashlyn
Isaac and Nathan
Makynna and Nathan
Jedidiah and Nathan